Premium Surface Mount Pickup Systems for Acoustic Stringed Instruments

The finished product of our transducers are what we pride ourselves on. The specially formulated potting (rubberized coating) that is applied to our transducers "stiffens" them up just enough to cut the likelihood of feedback down to almost impossible, yet the consistency of the material used in this process allows the transducers to still pick up a significant amount of resonance from the soundboard. Nobody else does this quite like we do and that is where we have a leg up on the other guys. In fact, we actually developed this coating. It cannot be found anywhere else on the planet! 9 times out of 10, any cases of feedback or any other unwanted noise can be attributed to a compatibility issue with other gear that is used, also rare. You literally have to "try" to create feedback. You would not just be buying a few discs. They are carefully selected to match our tight specs, then the cable is attached and the coating is applied, which is what really makes them what they are.

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