GT Select Series

GT Select seriesWhat does it mean when you see the GT Select Series Logo on a product?

It means that Guitar Templates has worked with suppliers and manufacturers to provide you with a selection of product that is of great quality but without the brand name. Sourced through reputable companies, often from the same factory as your favourite brands but without the product's logo, which keeps the price down.

Guitar Templates is focused on giving you a choice. If you want the top brands, we provide these but if you want top quality brands without the logo, then look for this logo and save without compromising.

We will be looking for more great products that help you build quality instruments without overpaying.

This will be extended across our complete range over time and include everything from parts and hardware to consumables and even timber.

Consider this a curated range, Luthiers reviewing products on your behalf and making recommendations, removing the risk for you through our broad range of knowledge and skills.

Don't get caught buying on marketplaces, buying from sellers that don't know what to look for, take comfort in the knowledge that a luthier has reviewed these products and they know that are of a standard that they themselves would use them.

Quality guitar bridge for tele    The example to the left meets the criteria we have to set for GT Select Series Products.

Any product we select will always have at least 2 of these requirements listed below.

1. The quality you expect from a branded product, we will not compromise

2. A price point better than their branded alternatives

3. Features that are an improvement on other products

If they tick at least 2 out of the 3 features listed, then it is off to our luthiers for a complete review, then if approved we will range the product. 

 The GT Select Series logo is our stamp of approval. Buy with confidence.