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Bass Guitar Templates

This range for building electric bass guitars is precision cut from 6mm clear acrylic allowing you to accurately make all the main components of your build. 

If you are looking for something not listed or have a custom design in mind, get in touch as we can custom design/cut templates for you. 


  • Please be aware that our bolt-on (electric) neck pocket templates include a 0.3mm clearance to the neck to allow for finishing and the ability to correct any minor fitting/alignment issues.  If you want to achieve a tighter-fitting neck, apply one or two layers of masking tape to the inside surface of the neck pocket template before you route the pocket.
  • We do not always include the pickup routes in the body templates.  The shape and location of what might be considered standard pickup arrangements may be etched on the template for information, however many people want to use different pickups and pickup combinations and we can't cater for every option.  So we offer separate pickup templates for you to choose from to make the guitar that you want to make.  
  • We cut these templates to order so allow up to a week from placing your order to it being shipped.  Our range of templates is growing all the time and more will be added so return often to see what's new.

For instructions on using our templates click here

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