Price Match Policy

Here at Guitar Templates, we will always try to help our customers with great deals including our price match policy.

So what's our price match policy really about? It's about helping customers who want to order from us and find that we have the item they want but they have seen it cheaper elsewhere, You give us a chance to match it and we will try hard to help you. This is especially good for when you have several items in a cart and one of your items can be purchased elsewhere cheaper.

We will do our best, but no guarantees.

We do not guarantee we can save you, sorry, but there are times when we just can't go that low, an example of that is when a site might be deleting stock and selling it under cost (sometimes we do that) and we want to be here is the future to serve you.

However, If you find a reputable Australian website offering a legitimate lower price, then send us an email with the link and we will match it.

So what's the catch? Nothing really but we do have a few rules, so let's step you through them.

1. We only price match on like-for-like branded items. We will not price match on copies and no-name brands

2. We only price match on products we range

3. We only price match on websites that have actual stock available.

4. We only price against some Australian websites, What do we mean by this? Well, we are not price match on overseas sites because we have to work out currency conversion then shipping etc and it all gets too hard. We are keeping it Australia and to be honest, you probably should as well.

5. We don't price match against marketplaces such as eBay or similar, why? Often people sell secondhand, copies and counterfeit items and we cannot be expected to match against items such as these, and we don't want to spend valuable time working out if it's a good copy or counterfeit, an example would be to ask around about counterfeit strings. Too hard.

6. Bulk ordering, e.g. we won't price match on a single item against a website that has a lower price point if you buy 10, mind you, if you want to buy 10 then let's talk.

These are all reasonable rules to protect us from being taken advantage of, however, if you feel you have a legitimate price point that falls out of these rules somewhere, feel free to ask us via the link below.

If you are not sure and want to ask, please contact us here