E-Z-Lok™ Tuning Keys

E-Z-Lok Tuning Keys
Designed to work on guitars of all styles “E-Z-Lok” are the ultimate in the quest for perfect tuning stability

Unlike ordinary tuners each E-Z-Lok post has 2 holes.
This simple concept transforms each tuner into the tuner you want it to be.
Want to string conventionally? then OK do it!
Want to change the tension over the nut? OK, use the upper hole to decrease the tension, use the lower hole to increase the tension.
Want to stay in tune when using a Vibrato / Tremelo system? Then OK, you can do this too. Eliminating the wraps around a tuner post is a “must do” when using a vibrato system.
Thread the string through either top or bottom hole, pull the string tight and make a wrap around the post then thread the remaining string through the second hole pull tight again and you now have a locking tuning key. The string is now firmly attached with less than half a turn around the tuner post when tuned to pitch.

E-Z-Lok tuning keys are available in 3 post heights:
S(short) M(medium) L(long)

By utilising combinations of the three post heights any guitar can be tailored to achieve the desired string angle over the nut resulting in the ideal pressure on the nut to eliminate friction and achieve the ultimate in tuning stability


EZ-Lok Tuning Keys
Here we have an American spec headstock with shallow scallop fitted with 4 “S” posts and 2 “M” posts. As can be seen from the illustration the strings are arranged to give three different hieghts of stringing allowing the strings to pass through the nut at almost the same angle eliminating the need for a string tree thereby greatly reducing the friction in the nut but still allowing good open string sound
Here we have a headstock typical of many asian / import guitars (with a slightly deeper scallop) fitted with 4 “M” posts and 2 “L” posts. Again the strings are attached at three different heights allowing the strings to pass through the nut at the optimum angle allowing good open string sound with the minimum amount of friction, again there is no need for the troublesome string tree.


EZ-Lok Tuning Keys
Select the desired string angle over the nut and pass string through the upper or lower
hole in tuner post


EZ-Lok Tuning Keys
Pull the string tight, make a 90 degree bend in the string as it exits the post


EZ-Lok Tuning Keys
Make one wrap of the string around the post (thinner strings such as the high E and B)
may benefit from two wraps


EZ-Lok Tuning Keys
Pass the remaing length of string through the other hole in tuner post and pull tight
EZ-Lok Tuning Keys
Trim off the excess string and tune to pitch. Stretch string and re-tune.