GT10 Members

So you're building a guitar and have heard about the GT10 Club. 

Well, it's easy to join and we will tell you how and what you get.

To join, go to our website, which you are on now :) and click on the top right picture for accounts, It looks like this -->


Once you have clicked on this, you will find yourself with an option to register. (as per below)

Put in your email address, add a password, confirm the password, tick the two options that say you are happy to have the newsletter and agree to the terms and conditions.


Once finished. Send an email to us stating which guitar-making course you are attending and we will send an email back to confirm you have been signed up.

Next time you log in you will see your discounted price, please note: you must be logged in to see these prices.


So what do you receive,

  • Access to pre-sales of new products
  • Up to 10% off *Everything, Excluding Gift cards. 
  • Special sales events
  • First opportunity at clearance stock
  • Exclusive sale events for GT10 members

Keep an eye out for our newsletters so you don't miss out.

We also recommend looking for our GT Select series which is highlighted with this icon. This represents a product that we have sourced that is not only great quality but great price. Don't overpay for something that GT Select can save you money on. All GT Select products have been sourced and checked by a Lutheir to ensure that of a standard that we would be happy to use.


To make it easy, We have a PDF version here so you can download these instructions and read them separately while you are going through the process.

Welcome aboard and good luck with your project.

If you have any questions, please call or email:

Phone:  +61 (0)418 285 745

Email: [email protected]