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So you want to know more about Acrylic Guitar Templates? 

Well, we believe they are the ultimate tool for building your dream guitar. Our templates are designed to help you build a guitar with precision and ease, regardless of your skill level.

How would we know? Well, owning a guitar-building business that teaches classes is a perfect way to see what makes a difference between people with and without natural skills when it comes to building a guitar.

The benefits of using the Acrylic Guitar Building Template are mainly that it will simplify guitar building, and this is why it is the perfect tool for every musician looking to build their own instruments. Here are a few more reasons.

Perfect Guitar Shape Every TimeGuitar templates for building guitars

These Acrylic Guitar Building Templates are the ultimate tool for creating a perfect guitar shape every time. With its precise measurements and laser-cut accurate design, you can be confident that you are creating the right shape for your guitar time after time. Think of this process like stairs, Have you even walked on a set of stairs and noticed one or two steps aren't quite right. Trust me when I say that if you build a known shape and don't get the subtitles right you will forever notice it and this will detract from your guitar.

Whether you are building a classic S-Style. T-Style or an exotic Flying V, these templates will help you achieve the desired shape with ease. You can be confident in your build, knowing that your guitar's shape will be right on the mark, resulting in a professional-looking, cohesive build.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Our Acrylic Guitar Building Templates are not only precise but also versatile and easy to use. They come with clear markings and route holes (where applicable), making them the perfect tool not only for shaping the guitar but also for checking key mark lines, whether that be centre lines, bracing, pickups, bridges, neck pockets or so much more.

Luthier Templates Help. 

Another great thing about the templates is that you almost have the silent support luthier helping you throughout the build. There is a lot to watch for when building guitars and these templates are perfect for supporting that build, Keep popping the template over top and you quickly find where you may have missed something by looking through the transparent template. Let's say you are building an acoustic guitar soundboard, if you forget to add the keyhole for the soundhole with some of the cheap templates, you will struggle to use them to realign the template. That's not the case with these clear templates, in a few seconds, everything is aligned and you are off on the next step of your project.

Skill Level

These templates work for all builders, regardless of skill level. Excellent for beginners with all the key markings required and perfect for experts who can speed up their process immensely. Spend less time getting the shape right and more time scraping and sanding your way to perfection I say.

A wide yet curated range

We have designed a wide yet curated range of guitars that cover the classics whilst also providing some of the lesser known models that are a bit harder to find info on e.g. The Washburn N4 style guitar both in a simplistic bolt-on and Stephenns Cut-a-way style neck version.

In addition, we not only offer complete guitar build sets, but we also offer a broad range of components and build templates. These include things like headstock shapes, cavity route and cover templates, pickup routes, bracing shapes, bridge locating jigs and the list goes on.

Check out our build and component ranges via these links

Can't find something we should range, let us know.

Custom Design Guitar Templates

Our Guitar Templates are custom designed, meaning we do not use other people's work, we don't buy cheap templates and resell etc. All our templates are custom designed here in Brisbane Australia, checked and tested by Luthiers and Precision laser cut in Brisbane Australia. 100% Australian made from start to finish. 

Don't fall for cheap versions that look too good to be true, stop using particle board templates that just don't offer the same quality, accuracy and speed when building a guitar. Try even the smallest of our templates to see how good the quality and accuracy are. 

 We are always looking for new ideas wide range of guitar styles and sizes and we are very happy to help with new designs. Some of our customers want old classics like the Hauser Classical guitar, whilst others are looking for shred machines like this King V beast. We cover the range, you name it and we will probably have it in progress or will look to create it.

Acrylic templates are the must-have tool for luthiers and hobbyists alike.

These templates are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and they don't suffer from moisture issues like others. They are an essential tool for every luthier or hobbyist who is passionate about building guitars. Don't focus on the finer details that the templates provide, spend your time working on the creative aspects of guitar building.

These templates will provide you with the precision and accuracy you need without the calculations required of other template solutions

So let's recap. Acrylic Guitar Building Templates are

  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate
  • Pre-Marked with all the key requirements
  • Laser Cut to .5 of a millimetre of our designs
  • Professionally designed and reviewed by luthiers
  • Dont wear out like others
  • Transparent (marked lined on the bottom for the most accurate marking)
  • Each component fits more accurately than other styles of templates
  • Improve the speed of your build time.
  • Loved by all that use them.

So if you want a professional-Quality Guitar Building experience, you wish to have your next build made easier then try our Acrylic guitar-building templates. Acrylic guitar-building template.

Remember, we don't just sell templates, we carry the range of products required to bring your project to life including all the consumables, parts and accessories, and timber for guitars.

Feel free to let us know if you need anything

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