Instructions for Rare Earth Magnets


Please read before handling the magnets

Protective gear

Always wear proper safety gear, including protective gloves and eyewear, when handling magnets. Magnets can attract other magnets or metal objects in your surroundings which can cause serious injury. Be careful when handling magnets to avoid getting your fingers caught.  Handling Avoid snapping or smashing magnets together, with other magnets, or with metal as they may chip or break.

Operating temperatures

Temperatures over 80oC can cause neodymium magnets to demagnetize.

Personal items

Magnets with strong magnetic field may cause permanent damage to credit cards, computer hard drives, watchs, TV’s, data storage, and other electronic devices and objects.

Storing magnets

Storing and using magnets of different materials may cause magnets to demagnetize. For example, storing neodymium magnets with ferrite magnets may cause the magnets to lose their magnetism.


People with pacemakers should avoid handling magnets.


Keep magnets out of the reach of children. Magnetic experiments should only be performed under adult supervision.

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